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Edizioni Cuecm
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Edizioni La Cantinella
Edizioni La Cantinella
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Critical Essay on Comparative Education,
Anno: 2004
Pagine: 252
Prezzo: € 18,00
ISBN: 88-86673-64-7
Codice catalogo: 269
Ambito di ricerca: Pedagogia e Didattica
This book tries to draw the best lesson from the present international debate on the status of the Comparative Education as the field is chal­lenged by the era of globalization. A short examination is made of the educational policies and the major political events of all the macro‑regions of the world over the last fifteen years, in order to show the meaningfulness of a civilization-approach based on the Le Thanh Khoi's  "General Theory of Education".
The result is a claim for a "Regional Theory of Comparative Education" considered by the Author as the most useful instrument in the hands of the educators who consider their work critically in multi- and inter-cultural societies all over the world.