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Edizioni Cuecm
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Edizioni La Cantinella
Edizioni La Cantinella
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Anno: 2011
Pagine: 74
Prezzo: € 10,00
ISBN: 9788866000310
Codice catalogo: 546
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The 2nd PA.RE.R.E. Pampanini Report on the Right to Education will be issued in 2013 (info will be available on the SISSU website: www.sissu.it).
The International Group on the Right to Education is a group of scholars and researchers formed after the initiative by Giovanni Pampanini, an international leading figure in the field of Comparative Education and a researcher of S.I.S.S.U. Studio Interdisciplinare di Scienze Sociali e Umane, based in Catania, Italy (www.sissu.it). The members of this Int’l Group are not representing their own countries, but they are only acting, in this case, as independent intellectuals under their own responsibility.
The Int’l Group is minded to do a comparative monitoring exercise on the Right to Education policies worldwide and in the span of time from 2010 to 2020, in a way to encompassing the United Nations pivotal date of 2015. The nature of the work of the Int’l Group is meta-theoretical and meta-empirical, in the sense that the Int’l Group intends to study, scrutinize and analyze the theoretical stand-points and the empirical researches made by the International Organizations and other groups of scholars and researchers.
Once each two years the Int’l Group holds a Global Meeting (in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019) whose results are to be published and put at disposal of the International Organizations and the international scientific community.
The works of the Int’l Group are coordinated by SISSU, Catania, Italy.